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Roamin Angels Car Club
TYD Foundation


What Our Clients have to say:

From Ron Cherry, Former President – Roamin Angels Car Club, Grass Valley, CA
As president of the Roamin Angels Car Club of Grass Valley, CA, I have worked closely with Diane Blakley by interacting with her on running our website, preparing our montly newsletter, maintaining email communication with the club and running the Artistans’ Faire at our annual car show. My experience with the service industry is not confined to being president of a car club. I ran a successful business for over twenty years in Southern California. In that time I worked with many businesses that ran the gamut from talented to totally incompetent. I would catagorize Diane Blakley in the high end of the “talented” group. She is able and friendly, displaying not only ability but the “people skills” needed for running a small business.

I normally am very reluctant to unequivocally endorse a person or business. Too often there is some area that I feel might be weak or problematic. I can recommend Diane Blakley’s work without reservation. You need only go to to see physical evidence of the quality of her work. She has created a website that is truly exceptional and done so for an extremely reasonable cost. Her creativity, and hers alone, is responsible for the site. However, that, in itself, would not warrant my full endorsement. Our working relationship is what compels me to do so. When I have requested additions or changes, she has promptly and competently made them happen or, on the only occasion she could not immediately do so, explained in layman’s terms why there was a problem. At that time, she also stated she would find a way around the difficulty and do it at a later date. That “can-do” attitude speaks much to me.

The monthly newsletter that Diane Blakley prepares for the club is not your normal “in-house rag.” Having seen ones from other car clubs, I can only say that ours is far above the norm, due to her efforts visually it is superior and its layout is professional. Since not all of the club members who submit articles are competent writers, she also displays great editorial skills in making sure that the wording, spelling and punctuation are acceptable without changing the content of the articles. Although we give a printed copy to our members, it is partially viewable on our website.

In short, if you are considering Diane Blakley for your website work, I can think of no one I would recommend more highly. She has done an excellent job for the Roamin Angels and continues to do so. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (530) 478-5616 or by email at

From Carolyn West, Executive Director – Thank You Darlin' Foundation, Fort Worth, TX
Thanks to Diane Blakley, we have a web presence now that reflects the uniqueness, integrity and professionalism of our organization. He r company has delivered personable and impeccable service to us― meeting our web construction deadline, being creative, making our site user- friendly, listening, analyzing and responding to all our organization’s web site needs.


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Client Testimonials
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