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Diane Blakley Designs is an design agency specializing in working with small businesses and individual ventures. Formerly Barry & Blakley Assoc., Inc., the company was started in 1996 by Susan Barry and Diane Blakley. In 2008, Susan moved on to continue her artistic pursuit. Now, the company is run by Diane and her husband Dave. The name has been changed but the focus is the same...To assist the entrepreneur with the dynamic presentation, advertising and promotion of their endeavor.

Client support and satisfaction with their project is very important. Sometimes what you need is puzzling. This is just a graphic of two puzzle pieces.Working with small business ventures offers its own set of challenges such as considerations of what is needed or wanted versus the reality of the budget. But with a background in running small businesses, the tendency is to be more creative with the solutions. Whether it's setting up an overall plan from budget to the project implementation or designing a simpler project, every element of the job is important as it represents the venture. By exploring the possibilities, a plan is devised that best suits the project and the client.

Good fortune is working with clients who become friends. But that being said, the prevalent belief is 'that business is business' when it comes to a client's time, project and money. If you are considering Diane Blakley Designs for a project, you are encouraged to talk with our clients for reference.

Another piece of the puzzle.The major goal is fitting a client with what they need to succeed and balancing all the parts of a project so that the end result is the best outcome in respect to budget, design, impact and distribution.

Fitting all the pieces together and working towards success doesn't have to be scary.

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Client Testimonials
"People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it." logo-really smallDiane Blakley Designs © 1996-2017